Operation Modes

The NT mode is the main treatment mode designed as a cumulative therapy to treat OA and RA. While in this mode the system needs to be worn for approximately 7 hours per day – and used for approximately 1500 hours in total. Due to the length of use per treatment session, the JStim has been designed for use while sleeping.

The DT (daytime) mode was designed to combat pain immediately. It is safe to use this mode as little or as much as needed. However, if you are seeking treatment for OA and RA, you should stick to a residual program on the NT mode. The DT stimulation mode will allow you to target pain symptoms to reduce them to a manageable level throughout the day if needed.

Your JStim is set to default on the NT mode. The user has to command the device into the DT mode.

The JStim 1000 was designed with the athlete in mind, especially the aging athlete. It is user friendly to operate, comfortable to wear, and convenient to use.

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