Soft Hand Wrap

The soft hand wrap is made of a comfortable, breathable, conductive garment material that is shaped into a one size fits all glove. The Arm Band is included to serve as the ground pad to activate the conductive glove. Infrared heat fabric is incorporated into the wrist area of the glove. A compression glove is then fitted over the conductive and infrared components.

Jstim Electrotherapy Device

Compact and sporty, the small battery-powered JStim Electrotherapy Device generates the proprietary electrical signal that provides the therapy. The System uses a lithium-ion battery, and incorporates a patient compliance timer so as to keep a record of treatment. The Signal Generator is dual channel so that bilateral stimulation is possible (both knees or both hands).

Infrared heat band, li-polymer battery compression wrap

The infrared heat fabric technology is used in conjunction with either the knee or hand system. When activated, the therapeutic benefits of infrared heat penetrate deep into muscles and joints.

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